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Město Tachov

Mixed Chamber Choir from Tachov:

The first attempt to establish our chamber choir dates back to the middle of the year 1993. Still enthusiastic from the celebration of 20 years´ anniversary of the TDS (Children’s Choir of Tachov) former members asked the choimaster of TDS – Josef Brabenec to lead a chamber choir, which he accpeted. He was our choirmaster from 1993 to 1994. Then, due to numerous activities of both the choir memebers and the conductor, we had a break for 2 years.

The second attempt came in the autumn of 1996 with the choimaster Jana Válová. The number of members increased within a short time and enabled to take on more demanding compositions. Our current choir name was established around 2004: instead of „Mixed Chamber Choir from Tachov“ we started to use a simplified abbreviation KOZTliveCZ. Since 2007 the choir has been working under the leadership of Zuzana Černá and Tomáš Mates.

Since 1996 KOZTliveCZ has gone through big development both in the musical and organizational activities and has built up a good reputation in the region of Tachov. Nowadays, the choir has about 25 members in the age of 16 - 50 years. The rehearsals of the choir take place in the Chateau mill in Tachov on Fridays, at 7.30 pm.

Our repertoire consists of classical music, gospel, folk and modern songs a major part of which is performed acapella.

KOZTliveCZ gives concerts during different cultural events in the region (Tachov, Mariánské Lázně, Brod nad Tichou, Bezdružice), Pilsen and Prague. We also participate at various exchange concerts, e.g. together with German men’s choirs from Bärnau, Plössberg, Flossenbürg and Parkstein and with other choirs from the West-Bohemian region and Prague. Our traditional spring concert, end-of-season concert in June, advent and Christmas concerts belong to the annual highlights of our work.

Our choirmasters:

Zuzana Černá

Ing. Tomáš Mates, Ph.D.

Our former choirmasters:


Mgr. Jana Válová

Mgr. Josef Brabenec